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Polish for foreigners

Trust us and our experienced trainers! You will communicate in Polish faster than you think!

We have already taught students from: France, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, South Korea... 

Our students are business people and their children who have come to Poland and will stay here for the next few years. They mainly need to communicate in Polish environment. 

On our classes:

  • you will learn to speak freely
  • you will learn how to express yourself in Polish in everyday situations
  • you will have a chance to practice Polish in real-life situations with your teacher (e.g. while studying food&drinks you will go to a cafe and order a cup of coffee in Polish)
  • you will be given real-life tasks to practice Polish

Our trainers:

  • are qualified native speakers
  • teachers from other countries who have mastered Polish at a native level
  • are passionate about teaching

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your first class, we will provide you with a money-back guarantee!

Courses start anytime.

Before you start your course, meet with us and talk to us about your needs and expectations. We will gladly help you with your Polish!

Call us: 22 403 75 18,

Email us: [email protected]

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